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Tyler put his arms around her and whispered conspiringly in her ear. “Don’t let him intimidate you with that monster. It’s going to feel fantastic when his cock is stretching you out.”

Fully naked, Gage crossed the room in three long strides. “Lay down, Ty. Let her suck you.”

Tyler dropped obediently to his back on the bed and twisted around so that she was kneeling between his legs. She ran her hands over the hard planes of his chest and abs before bringing them up the insides of his thighs.

“I’m a little nervous,” she confided. “I mean, I’ve never…”

“Never sucked a cock before?” Tyler finished for her.

“Well, I mean… I have, sort of…” She felt flustered. Gage knelt beside her and put his arms around her.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do.”

“No. I want to,” she insisted. “He’s just bigger… and I don’t want to choke if… I mean… Jeremy always said that I wasn’t any good…”

“Shhh.” Gage pressed his lips to hers, tasting her mouth for the first time and effectively halting her nervous rambling. His kiss soothed her nerves considerably. “Nobody is going to choke you, honey. Your ex-boyfriend was probably too rough with you, but you’re safe with us. We’re going to make you feel good. If you get uncomfortable or don’t want to do something, you just tell me. Okay?”

Sara lifted Tyler’s cock with her small hand and squeezed gently at the base. She gave a questioning glance to Gage as if waiting for instructions.

“Go ahead, honey. Use your tongue on him.”

Sara took a tentative swipe at the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Tyler moaned in encouragement. Emboldened by his response, she licked him from base to tip before circling her tongue around the large head.

“Fuck, Sara. Feels so good, sweetheart. Take me in that hot little mouth.”

Sara took him into her mouth an inch at a time, gently bobbing up and down as she sucked. Tyler gathered up her hair and held it out of the way so that he could watch her as she worked his shaft with her lips and tongue.

Knowing that both Gage and Tyler were watching made her hotter than she could have imagined. Gage moved behind her, stroking her back and pressing his lips to her spine.

“You look so sexy like that, baby. I love watching his cock move between your lips.”

She moaned around Tyler’s cock as another warm wave of sensation flooded over her.

Just being between the two of them completely naked made her feel both vulnerable and desirable. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to just feel. Gage’s hands were blazing hot as he caressed her back and down her flank. When he knelt behind her and pressed his hard body to her back, she trembled with need.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” he said. His voice was like liquid sex. She moaned her encouragement. She was going to take both of them at the same time. The thought boggled her mind and increased her arousal exponentially.

She heard the tearing of a foil packet, and then she felt the head of his condom-covered cock positioned at her wet entrance. He teased her with it for a moment, and she whimpered in frustration.

Tyler’s grip tightened in her hair as if bracing her for impact. It struck her once again how in tune the two of them were. It was like they could communicate silently, always moving as one.

The intense feeling of fullness interrupted her train of thought as Gage thrust his huge cock into her tight channel. Tyler’s cock fell from her lips, and she cried out.

Gage held still for a moment, allowing her to adjust to the width of him before slowly beginning to rock his hips back and forth. “You okay, baby? Does it feel good?”

“Uh-huh. Oh God.”

Tyler laughed and brushed the side of her face with his fingertips. “I think you’ve rendered her speechless, Gage.”

“Her pussy is fantastic. Fuck, honey, you are almost too tight. You feel so good wrapped around my cock.”

Once again regaining her senses, Sara took Tyler back into her mouth as Gage began to fuck her in earnest. She sucked harder, delighting in the way that his body responded to her. She wanted desperately to make him feel as good as she felt.

“Oh fuck, sweetheart. You’re gonna make me come.”

Tyler stroked her breast as she used her mouth on him, gently tugging at her nipples, sending electric bolts of fire straight to her clit.

She redoubled her efforts, sucking him hard, desperate to pull the pleasure out of him. His orgasm came with a masculine grunt, her mouth flooding with his seed as his hips left the bed. She swallowed hurriedly and basked in the warm power that came from knowing how she had pleased him.

When he was spent, Sara pressed her cheek to Tyler’s flat stomach, both of them panting, as Gage continued his unrelenting rhythm in and out of her aching pussy. Slowly, Tyler wiggled his way down under her until she was lying on his chest with her head pressed to his shoulder. He lifted his hips under her, forcing her back to Gage’s waiting cock. The new angle allowed her to take him so deep that he bumped up against her cervix at the end of every stroke. Never had she felt so completely taken, so fully claimed.

She relaxed between their two solid bodies and gave herself over to the pleasure. Tyler’s long, graceful fingers found her clit. He rubbed light circles over her sensitive nub just barely touching her. It was an exquisite torture. The combination of Tyler’s gentle touch and Gage’s hard thrusting had her begging for release.

“Oh, please. Don’t stop. I need… Oh, please.”

“Shh,” Tyler whispered in her ear. “We know what you need. Just relax. Let us make you feel good.”

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