Innocence Tempted

For Kat sex had always been nice, but she didn’t want nice. She wanted more.

The last thing that Katlyn expects when Cody walks into the tack and feed store where she works is for the smoking hot cowboy to ask her out. Intrigued, she accepts his offer and is plunged head first into the world of submission. She takes to it like a natural but soon discovers that it’s not all fun and games. When forced to face her emotional baggage, will she run for the hills or give in to the Dominant who could be both her healer and her ultimate temptation?

Innocence Tempted is the second story in the Generational Sins series. It’s a prequel, taking place before Katlyn meets David, but it can be read either as a standalone novel or following the first book.

Innocence Tempted (Generational Sins Series) is now available for the Kindle.

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