Intergalactic Gold

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Janna Barker dreamed of an Olympic gold medal from the first time she laced up her ice skates, but being the best figure skater in the universe takes on a whole new meaning when earth is discovered by an alien race. Forced to skate on an inter-planetary circuit, Janna is faced with a set of skating rules that she doesn’t understand, an absence of good coaching, and a lack of funding.

Unable to pay for her skating on the intergalactic circuit, Janna’s overbearing stage-mother arranges for her to move to the icy planet, Kalter, to marry a wealthy alien man. Wanting nothing to do with the arrangement, but unwilling to forfeit her dream, Janna reluctantly agrees to visit the planet and meet the man. Overwhelmed by strange customs, a wide variety of new species, odd foods, and even a change in gravity, she isn’t ready to tackle a marriage proposal too, no matter how sweet or attractive the man may seem to be. Sure, she’s had fantasies, but there was never much time for dating on Earth, and the idea of a relationship feels as alien as the new planet.

The men of Kalter are arctic giants with hulking figures and intimidating muscles, but Marquise Hagan has a soft spot for the tiny Earth girl who wants so badly to compete in the Intergalactic Olympics. When Janna arrives on his planet, his whole world is turned upside down by the slight figure skater. Wanting nothing more than a loving wife and a solid marriage, Hagan is determined to win her heart. Giving her the best equipment and coaching that money can buy is only the beginning of his efforts, but Hagan quickly learns that her true love is skating and everything else, including him, takes second place to her dream. Will he ever be able to win the Olympian’s heart?

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FAQ About Intergalactic Gold

1. I’ve read some of this author’s other works. Does this book get steamy?
Yes, but not like Generational Sins or Protectors. This is a book that is a similar heat level to The Billionaire Bum. There are a couple of pretty sexy scenes, but the focus here is really on the relationship and the story. It’s a true romance.

2. Again, I’ve read some of this author’s other works. Is there any violence?
No. There are some action scenes for sure, but no physical or sexual violence of any kind. It’s a fun, heart-warming story. Very tame language most of the time too.

3. It’s about aliens. Are they creepy?
No. These aliens are very human-like. There are some other species described in the book but all of the relationships described with humans are pretty earth-normal.

4. This doesn’t sound like Samantha Blair’s other books. Will I like it?
We’d like to think so. It’s intended for a wide variety of audiences. Sci-fi romance is not everyone’s favorite genre, but this book is more of a “girl goes on a journey” kind of story with an interesting setting. The background characters give it depth, but it’s less sci-fi and more young adult finding her way.

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