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Innocence Temped
Generational Sins
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Below are links to books in the erotic romance genre that I recommend. They are grouped by series/author.

Links to my Kindle books

I can’t get enough of these books. These are traditional romances (as opposed to erotica) but every time I read one of these I find myself cheering the couple on. I’ve never read another author who makes me wish for a happy ending as much as Marie Force does.

I have read several of J.L. Merrow’s books that I think are fantastic, but this one seems to stick with me. Full of themes about what it really means to love someone, this is a story of two men with a deep but unique relationship.

These are a couple of really dark captivity novels. The consent is dubious at best, but they are fantastic psychological reads.

Paranormal Romance with some smoking hot Dominant males and very realistic alternate worlds

At first, I was turned off by the Kindle price of these books, but I bought the first one anyway, because of the glowing reviews, and I am not sorry. It was worth every penny. If it’s BDSM you crave, you’ll adore these Doms, their beautifully real submissives, and the club environment at Shadowlands. These books have it all.

Leah Brooke has created a whole world full of brave, chivalrous, sexy men, and I adore escaping there for a while. You have to check out Desire, Oklahoma – a town with a whole new set of rules that you just might want to break.

Mari Carr is a true joy to read, and this series is a really delightful set of stories about large Irish family. If you like Irish pubs and steamy romance, you’re going to love these.

If you’re into gorgeous, aggressive werewolves and high-action novels, these two books will keep you turning pages.

A little more mainstream than my typical reading, but The Blackdagger Brotherhood is not to be ignored in the genre of vampire romance.

So this one isn’t even close to romance related, but I have to promote it anyway because it was written by my amazing husband. We couldn’t be more different in our writing, but I still think that he’s incredible. So, if you’re looking for something different, give it a shot.


  1. Hi! I was wondering where I can buy your ebooks in epub format? You’re profile in smashwords isnt available anymore and Amazon only sells ebooks in azw format for Kindle readers. Thanks!

    • Hi Nikki, Unfortunately I don’t have them in an epub format any more (except for Protectors which you can get from Siren’s website). Maintaining all those files just got to be too much of a headache. I have PDFs that I can email you though, if you’d prefer a PDF.

      • c. sellars says:

        hi I would love to have your generational sins in pdf…i can’t find it anywere in a format that can go on my kobo.

  2. Why isn’t Generational Sins available on Amazon anymore? I read it off of my sister’s kindle and wanted to get it for myself. This is one of my all time favorite books.

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