Triple Threat

After producing “The Rape Diet” as a stand alone short story for Kindle, I decided that it might be better off in a short collection, so I dug up a few of my old stories and created “Triple Threat”. These three stories are very short glimpses into the lives of some unusual and extraordinary people.

If you purchased “The Rape Diet” and would like a copy of the whole collection, please email me at or comment on this post. I’d be happy to give you a copy of the new extended version.

Norton Cart has always played the violin as he drifts from town to town, but never did he expect a day like today.

This story was originally published in a college literary magazine called Facets 2002. It has since been updated.

Word Count: 1837

A creepy twist on Alice and her Hatter.

Word Count: 722

With the terror of a traumatic rape nipping at her heels …she runs.

All of her life Karen has been told that her obesity is the cause of all of her problems, so when two boys in the locker room at school rape her, it seems natural to blame the fat. Obsessed with weight loss, she struggles to out run the past and the present.

This short story, written in a post-modern minimalist style, is an expression of the fear that many young people experience as a result of poor school security, distant parents, and an unhealthy self-image.

Word Count: 4895
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